Schaltplan Hobbywing Hall Sensor

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    • Hallo,

      wenn Du damit das ganz normale Sensorkabel meinst, das zwischen Motor und ESC angeschlossen wird:
      Das ist im EFRA Handbook 2020 (…Handbook%202020%20Web.pdf) , 4.2 (S. 128) wie folgt definiert:

      EFRA wrote:

      4.2 When the motor is sensored:- It must use a six position JST ZH connector model number ZHR-6 or equivalentconnector with 6JST part number SZH-002T- P0.5 26-28 AWG contacts orequivalent. Wire sequence must be as follows:

      Pin #1 - Black wire ground potential
      Pin #2- Orange wire phase C
      Pin #3- White wire phase B
      Pin #4 - Green wire Phase A
      Pin #5- Blue wire temp control, 10K thermistor referenced to groundpotential
      Pin #6- Red wire +5.0 Volts DC +/-10%
      Compatible speed control must use the 6 position JST header part numberX-6B-ZR-SMX-TF (Where the X denotes the style of header), or equivalent. Thepower connector has to be clearly marked A, B, C: A for phase A, B for phase Band C for phase C.